Conveyor Belt

Model Core Material Surface Material Thickness of Belt (mm) Colour Core Material
Material No.of Layer Front Surface Back surface



Polyester 2 Polyurethane 1.5 Gray



Smooth Fabrics
PC-M Polyester 1 Polyurethane 0.8 White


Smooth Fabrics

Remark: Please contact us for further conveyor belt information

Selection Table of Effective Belt Width

Check List

The following information is necessary when enquire about POWER CURVE:

  • Type of products
  • Shape and dimension of products
  • Product weight (kg) per unit
  • Conveying capacity (pieces/hour)
  • Turning angle (Degree)
  • Inner radius (mm)
  • Flow direction
  • Speed (m/min).If variable speed, what is the range?
  • Height from floor level to the belt surface
  • Method of installation
  • Colour
  • Running period(hour/day, days/month)
  • Start and stop frequency

  • Worlwide supply record for curve conveyor

    Shin-chitose airport,Japan Hiroshima airport, Japan
    Obihiro airport,Japan Tottori airport,Japan
    Memanbetsu airport,Japan Iwami airport,Japan
    Shimonbetsu airport,Japan Tokushima airport,Japan
    Rishiri airport,Japan Takamatsu airport,Japan
    Asahikawa airport,Japan Kochi airport,Japan
    Kushiro airport,Japan Fukuoka airport,Japan
    Hakodate airport,Japan Oita airport,Japan
    Aomori airport,Japan Saga airport,Japan
    Daikan Noshiro airport,Japan Miyazaki airport,Japan
    Sendai airport,Japan Kagoshima airport,Japan
    Narita airport,Japan Naha airport,Japan
    Tokyo airport,Japan CKS airport,Taiwan
    Nagoya airport,Japan Wattay International Airport,Laos
    Osaka airport,Japan Pudon airport,Shanghai
    Okayama airport,Japan KLIA & KLIA 2,Malaysia

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